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Cargo shipping / warehouse address

Finn-us Logistics provides a completely FREE warehouse address to its clients. This personal warehouse address is a valid U.S. mailing address and you can use it for your online shopping needs. Often times, online retailers offer free or very low cost shipping to a U.S. mailing address.

Place your order online and have your goods delivered to your U.S. warehouse address. We will then ship the goods to Finland in an ocean container.

Using the warehouse address is completely free and you only pay for the ocean freight service .

The transit time for cargo shipments is normally 7-8 weeks from the time when we receive your shipment into the warehouse.

The warehouse address service is only available for our Los Angeles and Houston locations. At this time, we only handle cargo shipments through the New York terminal on request. If you need cargo delivered to our New York terminal please contact customer service.


Create warehouse address




When you get a confirmation that your own warehouse address and customer ID# have been created you can start shopping; and have your purchases shipped to your warehouse address. The warehouse address will be as follows:

FIN-Customer's name (always remember the FIN-prefix when placing an order)
ATTN: Customer ID# (usually you can input this in the ATTN- or secondary address line of the order form)
10077 Wallisville Rd
Houston,TX, 77013

FIN-Eric Example
10077 Wallisville Rd
Houston, TX, 77013



ATTN!  Finn-us Logistics does not handle inland freight for small shipment in the U.S. or does not sell any products.

Usually, online retailers offer FREE or very low cost shipping services to our warehouse. If the seller is unable to deliver oversized / extra heavy shipments we can help on request.



Air freight

If you need a fast air freight service from USA to Finland please contact our customer service at: