Vehicle buying service

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Vehicle buying service

Finn-us Logistics offers vehicle buying services within the whole USA and delivers the purchased vehicle to the client in Finland. It is often risky and complicated to buy a vehicle overseas just via internet. First of all, it is hard to get in touch with the sellers and often times they are hesitant to proceed with the sale (with an overseas buyer). This is simply because they are afraid to become victims of fraud; everyone has heard the horror stories of online deals going south after all.

This is where we step in as a middle man. We will help with the money transfer, paperwork, and other dealings between the buyer and the seller. This gives security to both parties.

You can check fees for the entire supply chain via our online cargo calculator.

Please contact us via email or our online contact form.


Full service escrow service (Price of service $500)

- This package is strongly recommended when buying a vehicle from a private party / individual seller.

tick Full communication with the seller

tick Purchase related paperwork and documentation (we guarantee that you get all necessary paperwork needed to export the car through U.S Customs, bill of sale, notarization when needed etc.)

tick Agreeing on details and "fine print" with the seller.

tick We will acquire photos of the vehicle and make a condition report based on information gathered from the seller.

tick We'll make sure the vehicle really exists and is not a fraudulent online scam

tick We can also go check out the condition of the vehicle ourselves as per a customer request and then make a condition report before money transfer. Because of long distances, in many cases, we will have to use a third party service here and that will generate some extra cost. (Usually third party condition reports cost around $200-400 depending on the location of the vehicle)

tick Payment to seller

tick Agreeing and scheduling the logistics of the vehicle into our shipping terminal

tick Customs documentation in USA and Finland

tick This package is strongly recommended when buying a vehicle from a private party / individual seller.