Finn-US Logistics

Our vision and Business idea

Finn-us Logistics is specialized in managing the modern logistics chain from USA to Finland.

We offer a very affordable ocean freight service for individual customers as well as for companies; also for small quantities. We are true professionals in car-, motorcycle-, boat-, and cargo shipping as well as door to door international household moves. In addition to logistics services, we also offer full vehicle buying services and we buy vehicles from individual sellers too.



The roots of the company go all the way to the 1980's; time before the Internet. Back then, buying vehicles from overseas was a whole lot more complicated to Finnish people. It was rather difficult to find the car ads from USA and often times the vehicles were simply out of reach for a regular Finn. Since a clear need for vehicle shipping and buying services existed the company was officially established in 1991 in California.

Once continuous and regular container traffic had taken place, door to door household moving services were also added to the book of services offered. A big boost for the need of household moves was the expansion of Nokia to California and texas in the 1990's. Nowadays, we serve a very wide variety of global actors in different high-tech industries.