Magaya Livetrack -tracking service

When your order arrives to our warehouse we will automatically send you a confirmation email of goods received. In this email, there is a tracking link that will show you an updated status of your shipment. Here is an example link.


When you register as our customer, you will receive an email with a login name and password. With this login name and password you can log in to our live track service.

From the live the track service you will see the status of all of your shipment (ie. arriving, on hand, in process etc.)

Transit time from USA to Finland is usually around 7 weeks once the goods have been loaded into a ocean container.


Tavaran tila kuva


Different icons / colors to show the status of a shipment


Cargo calculator / Car and motorcycle shipments

Our cargo calculator will give you a total quote with a cost brake down (possible inland trucking, ocean freight, optional insurance, customs, unloading fees in Finland etc). By clicking "Open order form" -button you will be directed to fill out needed information (vehicle information, seller's information, and your own personal information). Once everything is filled out you can click "Make a booking" -button and the filled information will be saved in our system and we will contact you shortly.


Cargo (boxes) shipping

The warehouse address service is only available for our Los Angeles and Houston locations.

ATTN!  Finn-us Logistics does not handle inland freight for small shipment in the U.S. or does not sell any products.

Usually, online retailers offer FREE or very low cost shipping services to our warehouse. If the seller is unable to deliver oversized / extra heavy shipments we can help on request. Place your order online and have your goods delivered to your U.S. warehouse address. We will then ship the goods to Finland in an ocean container.


For cargo shipping you need your own warehouse address and customer ID#. Create yours HERE. Once you have your own warehouse address and customer ID# you can start ordering goods to your own warehouse address which is as follows:


FIN-Eric Example     (always remember the FIN-prefix when placing an order)
ATTN:123456    (usually you can input this in the ATTN- or secondary address line of the order form)
10077 Wallisville Rd.
Houston, TX, 77013
TEL: +1 310 291 1710


If you need to make changes to your warehouse address or personal information, please contact our customer service at:


To cargo calculator


When cargo arrives to destination agent in Finland

Please provide the destination agent (Etelä-Suomen Sijoitus OY) the following:

  • - Power of Attorney (if you haven't already previously)
  • - Invoice / Bill of sale for the imported goods


Destination Agent in Finland:

Teppo Hänninen
Etelä-Suomen Sijoitus Oy
Pitkätanhuankatu 2 A 2
13130 Hämeenlinna

TEL: 0400-8402084 or 040-5573224